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Tips for Painting in Cold Weather

If there is a local meteorologist you trust, exterior painting in cold weather near threshold temperatures may be safe. The important thing is to make sure it’s no colder than the low temp indicated on your paint products. Fortunately for anyone needing interior painting, you can paint indoors even if there’s a thick blanket of snow packed against your windows.

Exterior Painting in Cold Weather

There was a time in the St. Louis, MO, area, that being careful to get painting done as early as necessary was quite a limiting proposition. It wasn’t advisable to paint in weather below 50º F just a few years ago. These days, with improved technology and innovation, exterior painting in cold weather is fine in temps as low as 35º. Every autumn is different, but in St. Louis, it’s often safe to paint your exterior around the first few days of November at the latest.

It’s important to realize that the low temp of 50º F is still the restriction on many house paints and stains. Another thing to consider is that other paint products you may normally use in conjunction with exterior painting may not work for weather colder than 50º F.

How Cold Can it Be to Paint Outside?

So, how cold can it be to paint outside? It can only be as cold as the low temp indicated on the paint you’re using. The types of issues that can occur from painting in cold weather at lower than the recommended temperature include:

  • Poor color uniformity
  • In latex paint, water spotting may occur
  • Drying time is extremely slow and inconsistent
  • Film cracking

Tips for Exterior Painting in Cold Temps

When exterior painting in cold weather, check weather reports to see when the warmest times of the day will be. Usually, the hours around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. are the best times to catch the warmest temps. Paint when the temperature is on the rise, not falling.  Try to paint on sunny days, and unlike summertime, follow the sun! It’s best to paint on the sunny side of the house when temperatures aren’t cooperating with your project. Since the north side of the house rarely gets sun, paint on the north side as early as possible to give the paint time to dry.

Keep in mind that the surface you are painting may be colder than the air. You may need to blow dry the surface if it’s too cold, and it doesn’t take much to ensure the surface is warm to the touch. Temperatures between 70°F and 80°F are ideal for paint surfaces. So, don’t get too carried away when adding heat.

It’s important to note that after you’ve painted your home exterior, drying time is lengthy. It’s extremely important to avoid painting just before harsh below-freezing weather arrives. Freshly painted surfaces can suffer the above-mentioned ill effects.

Interior Painting in Cold Weather  

Unlike exterior painting in cold temperatures, interior painting in winter is no different than at any other time of the year. Follow the usual pro tips to end up with a happy outcome. Better still, call on paint professionals who can get the job done with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

SNL Painting, Inc. is the place to call in St. Louis and the surrounding area. We offer top-quality workmanship for affordable prices, and customer satisfaction is job number one. To learn more or schedule needed painting in cold weather, give us a call today at (636) 724-6829.

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