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Decorative Wall Painting Techniques To Spruce Up Your Space

While fresh paint applied with a pro touch can make a great difference, various decorative wall painting techniques that add texture and drama can do wonders for home interiors. Professional painters can be depended upon to produce unrivaled results with different wall painting techniques. You may want to try one of the painting techniques to make a room look bigger, textured wall painting techniques, or any of the other decorative wall painting techniques that follow.


Painting Techniques to Make a Room Look Bigger

Too much time indoors can make small spaces start feeling claustrophobic. Pull out of potential doldrums by using your choice of painting techniques to make a room look bigger and more welcoming. Two of many proven suggestions follow.



If you paint the ceiling, trim, and doors with the same paint color and make them at least one shade lighter than the color of the walls, the impact will likely be remarkable. The effect is most powerful when the monochrome paint theme is repeated throughout the living space. The eyes are naturally encouraged to smoothly flow from one room to the next, discarding feelings of being closed in.


Accent Wall

Divert attention away from the diminutive size of a space to an accent wall that is painted in a hue that starkly contrasts with the paint color of the rest of the room. An optical illusion is created by an accent wall in which the eyes are pulled to the focal point.

 Color Wash

One of the decorative wall painting techniques that could hardly be easier to accomplish and yet yields stunning results is color washing. Any room is transformed with the added depth and texture this painting technique achieves. Simply:

  • Coat the walls with a satin base paint, and
  • Using a large brush, paint over the base paint with a glaze.

For a more dynamic outcome, use a vibrant color. A more neutral shade for a color-washed wall will most likely, however, produce results that are every bit as appealing.


Rag Rolling 

Rag rolling is among the textured wall painting techniques that make for excellent finishes. To achieve depth and texture with enough subtlety to enhance the room’s overall design, roll a rag up and down painted walls. For added drama that doesn’t overwhelm, you can’t go wrong with rag rolling.



The look of metal is a popular modern style, and there are different wall painting techniques you can use. One is to create a faux zinc finish by layering three different metallic paints on the walls using rags. Another approach is to apply a base paint and then use a sponge to apply two different colors of metal paint or patina paint over the base color.


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How to Choose the Best Business and Home Office Paint Colors

When it’s time to choose office paint colors, why not decide on hues that offer helpful advantage? Whether selecting business or home office paint colors, going with shades that provide beneficial psychological effects is best. Working at home may call for help with focus or patience in dealing with distractions. In business offices, colors that help to reduce anxiety, elevate moods, or stimulate a productivity boost may be among the best options. The perfect home or business office paint colors are best determined by the specific situation. A few examples of office paint colors and the advantages they provide follow.

Blue Tones for Peace and Productivity

Blue shades that evoke bodies of water are the best office paint colors to infuse the atmosphere with peace and calm as well as improved focus and productiveness. Cool blues are ideal for the offices of tax accountants, clerks, auditors, and insurance adjusters. Moonmist by Sherman Williams is a color that can stir up memories of seaside vacations while also making it easier to stay on task.

Dark or muted blues add luxury and provide an ideal background for computer monitors and television screens. Go for Sherman William’s Bluebell 6793 to maximize productivity in a contemplative environment.

Yellow for Excitement and Innovation

Let the sun shine in year-round with business office paint colors in cheerful shades of yellow. Liven things up to add inspiration and give creativity a boost with a yellow paint color such as Sherman William’s Sequin 6394. Another option is Midday 6695, which has a brightness that doesn’t overwhelm.

Purple for Calming Energy

Magnolia’s Webster Avenue interior paint is a dusty purple shade like a fresh-picked berry. As home office residential paint colors and corporate office paint colors go, this energizing shade can’t be beat for providing a space with a confident tone that encourages tranquility.

Bright Green for Playfulness

Alexandrite SW 0060 by Sherwin Williams offers a calming yet playful and energizing atmosphere. Maintain an uncluttered effect by providing neutral accent home office paint colors such as silver, white, or gold.

Gray as a Backdrop for Unique Design

Corporate office paint colors are tantamount to style and sophistication when you go with shades of gray. This can be a tidy workspace that sets the stage for unique touches of design preference. Gray also makes a statement about no-nonsense reliability.

Red to Promote Collaboration

Red is a paint color that fosters action and inspires passion and vitality. Sherman William’s Tanager 6601 is a remarkable accent color for enhancing visibility in a specific workspace and bringing individuals together for collaboration.

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House Painting Trends Based on Color of the Year 2021 Options

With more time than ever spent at home for most of the population, a perfect question to ask is, what are the newest house painting trends? It makes sense to beautify home interiors with appealing pops of color. Home trends for painting include comforting hues as part of the mix, as well. Below, learn some of the current house painting trends, including several chosen shades for Color of the Year 2021.

The Pantone Color of the Year

For 20-plus years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in various industries, including home decor. Trend analysis and thoughtful design consideration are part of the process of making the much-anticipated selection.

And the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is (drumroll, please):

The union of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating!

Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5201) is rock solid and practical while Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) is optimistic and warming. Combined, the colors speak of strength and optimism, a color story that captures the thoughtfulness of deep feelings and the promise of a brighter and friendlier tomorrow.

BEHR Color Trends 2021

The curated selection of house painting trends in BEHR Color Trends 2021 are meant to complement your style while creating a desired mood that harmonizes any space. Color sets are arranged for several categories, and details about three of them follow:

  • Calm Zone. Colors in BEHR’s Calm Zone include the following invigorating greens, blues, and harmonious hues: Smoky White (BWC-13); Voyage (PPU13-07); Broadway (PPU18-20); Dayflower (MQ3-54); Almond Wisp (PPU5-12); and Jean Jacket Blue (S510-4).
  • Quiet Haven. In the BEHR category dubbed Quiet Haven, the colors of nature help to create a serene sanctuary in your home. The color grouping includes the following: Royal Orchard (PPU11-01); Barnwood Gray (PPU24-07); and Nocturne Blue (HDC-CL-28).
  • Outdoor Escape. BEHR’s 2021 outdoor hues are labeled “Outdoor Escape.” The colors ensure a boost in curbside appeal with attractive exterior house colors and pleasing accents for shutters, front doors, and outdoor furniture. The following are among the trending exterior paint colors that can flaunt your style: Maple Glaze (PPU3-16); Jojoba (N390-3); Cellini Gold (HDC-CL-18); Almond Wisp (PPU5-12); Euphoric Magenta (M110-7).

An Assortment of 2021 House Painting Trends

No matter which type of quality paint you review, as far as 2021 house painting trends, the hues are uniquely soothing and exquisite. The following are top paint color trends selected by various paint companies:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2021 is Aegean Teal (2136-40).
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year 2021 is Passionate (HGSW2032).
  • BEHR’s Color of the Year 2021 is the harmonious and earthy hue called Canyon Dusk.
  • Rust-Oleum’s Color of the Year 2021 is Satin Paprika, a color that evokes earthy spices.
  • Minwax, for the first time, has selected its color of the year, one that offers comforting nostalgia and nature’s healing powers: Vintage Blue.

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Homeowners in and around St. Louis, MO rely on SNL Painting Inc. for professional interior and exterior painting of the highest quality. Our friendly professionals produce the best results and can help you choose from among the stellar options for 2021 house painting trends. Are you ready to give your home’s exterior and/or interior walls a welcome boost? Call SNL Painting Inc. today at (636) 724-6829.

Tips for Painting a Brick Fireplace and Brick Exteriors

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for home aesthetics, which includes painting a brick fireplace and home exterior. However, painting bricks is an endeavor that historically gets mixed reviews. Proceeding with caution is always good, such as following tips from the pros when painting your brick fireplace and home exterior.

The most confident and prudent way to proceed with painting brick is with the assistance of professional painters, such as the trusted experts in the St. Louis MO area at SNL Painting, Inc. Undoubtedly, many homeowners have tried painting bricks and ended up regretting it. Helping homeowners avoid regret is what professional painters specialize in. The following are tips for painting a brick fireplace and painting brick houses.


Step 1: Give Emphasis to Prep

The first step to prepare for painting brick is a crucial one, and it is to thoroughly clean the brick. Paint must have a surface to stick to, and it doesn’t do well when applied to a layer of grime and dust. Bricks that don’t look at all dirty often have a surprising amount of dirt that becomes obvious during the cleaning process.

Power washing is typically used before painting brick exterior. To clean manually, scrub diligently using soapy water and a stiff-bristled brush. To remove stubborn soot stains before painting a brick fireplace, using trisodium phosphate (TSP) is helpful. Mix a cup of TSP with a gallon of water.

If you need to remove mildew before painting brick exterior, you can use a solution of one-part bleach to three parts water. Use the same solution for removing efflorescence, which is white staining on the chimney exterior. Allow the solution to soak on the brick face for half an hour and then proceed to scrub using a wire brush. Do not use acidic cleaning solutions on brick because it could have a negative effect on the final results of the paint job.


Step 2: Apply Primer

Use a roller, brush, or paint sprayer to apply latex primer to brick. If more than one coat of primer is appropriate, apply primer one coat at a time, allowing it to fully dry between coats. On areas that have been affected by mildew or efflorescence, add additional coats of primer.

Once the primer has been applied to clean bricks, allow plenty of time for the brick to dry before painting a brick fireplace or painting a brick exterior. The amount of time to dry varies depending on the amount of humidity in the air. In general, wait for at least 24 hours.


Step 3: Choose Paint Suitable for Painting Brick

Regular acrylic latex exterior paint is the top option for painting brick, particularly when painting brick exteriors because the paint is designed to evaporate moisture and prevent the growth of mildew.

Some painting experts favor the use of elastodynamic paint for painting a brick fireplace or home exterior. The paint’s high level of elasticity is ideal for filling and preventing cracks, and it does well in all types of weather as well as in high-humidity climates.

Semi-gloss or gloss paint is also recommended by experts because it is easier to clean and accentuates detail more effectively than other types of paint.


Step 4: Apply Paint

Whether painting bricks in your home interior or exterior, professional painting is always recommended. When opting for DIY painting, you can choose a paint sprayer, which is the easiest approach to painting brick. You can also use a roller. If you go with a paint roller, use one that has a thick nap because, of course, bricks have surface irregularities, nooks, and crannies throughout.

For the best in professional painting in the St. Louis MO area, including painting a brick fireplace and painting brick houses, call SNL Painting, Inc. at (636) 724-6829 today.

Sell Your Home with Fool-Proof Paint Colors

A sure-fire strategy to boost the appeal of your home in the sight of potential homebuyers is to paint dingy, outdated, or too-bold interiors and exteriors. The odds of selling quickly are greatly improved if you choose paint colors that are known to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. It’s great if you’ve enjoyed unique wall colors in your home! If you want to sell with as little delay as possible, however, get ready to call SNL Painting Inc. The professionals at SNL have expertise that makes all the difference in the outcome of any paint project.

With the following paint color tips, you could make doubly sure the new interior and/or exterior paint job on your home draws the interest of buyers.


Interior Paint

As homebuyers tour homes, they respond to the feeling that they have entered a place where they belong. It’s natural to imagine their décor placed in the various rooms. As the seller, you are very smart to encourage the imagination of buyers by presenting an attractive but virtually blank canvas. Dark colors, in general, should be avoided. The hues should work with just about any color scheme prospective buyers may prefer for their furnishings.



Although taupe falls in the category of neutral colors, it is anything but dull. You can choose from a variety of shades. The undertones make subtle but significant distinctions in paint colors. Taupe, for instance, can have a gray or brown undertone. An exciting yet remarkably sophisticated option is taupe with a lavender undertone.


Light Gray

There are many shades of every color. Keep in mind that selling a home is easier when you don’t go too dark with any interior paint colors. Light gray is a cool paint color and, these days, it’s preferable to warm beige. A cool light gray room has a soothing atmosphere that creates a sense of calm. The color can also give a room brightness and make it look open and inviting.



A neutral space can always be created with white paint, but the real question is: What shade of white? There are more options in white than you might imagine. Stay away from the clinical, too-sterile look of stark white and the dated look of white with intense undertones of yellow. Blue undertones or tinges of gray undertones are perfect options for white walls.


Exterior Paint

If your house has a weather-beaten look, don’t hesitate to call SNL Painting. Attracting the notice of interested homebuyers practically demands great curb appeal. Landscaping is nice but nothing can beat a fresh exterior paint job. Choosing the paint color begins with a consideration of other homes in the neighborhood and the colors in nature that surround your house. Avoid clashing with neighbors while ensuring that you make an outstanding statement of some kind.



There is a debate these days in which it is widely argued that greige is possibly the best neutral color ever. It is a combination of beige and gray, and it is arguably the perfect pallet for selling a home. You can switch the gray-to-beige ratio to create warm and cool shades of greige—preferably a ratio that creates the ideal match for the utmost in curb appeal. Various shades of greige follow:

  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172
  • Behr Silver Drop 790C-2
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Mist 962
  • Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breathe No. 229



For an on-trend color that helps to create an ultra-modern look, you may want to choose light gray, such as Sherwin Williams Modern Gray. A darker shade that may be perfect for your home is dark gray, such as Prestige Shaker Grey or any other of the many gorgeous options.


Sage Green

Another modern color is one with an earthy tone that beautifully accentuates landscaping, trim, and other elements that may come into play. Sage green, such as Valspar Sparkling Sage, may be the ideal shade to give your home unbeatable curb appeal.


Call SNL for an Unbeatable Paint Job

Painting may be a common do-it-yourself undertaking, but no one who understands the glaring differences a professional paint job makes would opt for DIY painting when trying to sell a home. SNL Painting was created to elevate the profession by providing craftsmanship of undeniably high quality as well as unrivaled customer service. This is what we do for homeowners in St. Louis MO and the surrounding area. Give us a call today at (636) 724-6829 for home interior and exterior painting that could become your home’s greatest selling point.

5 Reasons to Repaint Your Commercial Space

A fresh paint job at a commercial business is often considered an expense instead of what it really is—a sound investment! The advantages of a fresh coat of paint are often unknown or overlooked, which could mean an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. The following are 5 reasons to repaint your commercial space or business.

1-Happier Employees

The appeal of work environments has never been more important than it is now when it comes to employee satisfaction. Expectations are simply different, and a lot has to do with the amount of time spent in the workplace. It makes sense to create an atmosphere that encourages workers to want to be there. According to research studies, workers who are satisfied with their environment at work are 18% more likely to stay with their employer and 16% more productive!

2-A Cost-Effective Investment

Refreshing the paint at your commercial business is a cost-effective step in preventative maintenance. When paint systems begin to deteriorate, the damage goes deeper than just the paint. Protections are provided to the structure with a fresh professional paint job when needed.

3-Attract More Customers

Exterior paint can help to attract customers inside your place of business. Consumers are much more likely to enter a business with a fresh look as opposed to one with a dingy exterior. Interior paint with good paint design encourages walk-ins to stay longer once they get there. It makes a good impression when a commercial business creates an inviting atmosphere. An attractive property also improves relationships with the public and with local government.

4-Create a Certain Mood

Every element of your business can be part of making it a success, and that includes the paint color. You can create specific moods simply by using certain colors. So, why not put paint colors to work for you? Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to use one of the following paint colors to set the desired tone for customers, to name a few:

  • Red stimulates movement, excitement, and passion. It also creates increased appetites, which is ideal for restaurants.
  • Orange, like yellow, is an optimistic, cheerful color. Another potential advantage when you paint with orange is that it encourages impulsive shopping.
  • Perhaps because it stimulates creative problem-solving, purple is a successful color for anti-aging and beauty products.
  • For conservative products associated with security and reliability, blue is a great choice because it promotes peace and tranquility.

5-Improve Indoor Air Quality

You may be able to improve indoor quality with fresh high-quality paint. The type of interior paint used can truly make a difference. Top-quality paints minimize allergens, dust, and pollutants. A healthier work environment has an impact by improving workplace productivity and reducing absences due to illness.

Contact SNL Painting for your commercial painting needs!

If fresh interior or exterior painting fails to reflect professionalism and excellence, it becomes a missed opportunity. SNL Painting Inc. offers unbeatable workmanship and quality that you can depend on for stunning results. Learn more about our company, or contact us for a free estimate on commercial painting by calling (636) 724-6829 today.

Use Pantone Fashion Colors for Trim and Accent Walls

The forecasted Spring/Summer 2020 colors by Pantone are fun, sophisticated, and creatively coordinated. It’s easy to imagine the entire fashion color palette as paint swatches. If you’re planning to give your interior a new look, you can save all the time commonly spent on choosing from limitless colors and simply use the Pantone fashion palette. Below, check out more about a few of the nice color matchups as well as tips for accent walls and painting bedroom trim in your home.

Spring/Summer 2020 NYFW Color Palette

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), expect to see the shades forecast by Pantone. The various hues are as perfect for interior painting as for fashion, as long as you appreciate distinctive splashes of color. Here are a few color descriptions:

Flame Scarlet (Pantone 18-1662) burns bright, and it’s the perfect color to represent determination and confidence.

Saffron (Pantone 14-1064) is a deep but bright mustard color that might bring out the emotions in anyone who wears it. A room with pops of color in this shade would evoke warmth, cheerfulness, and originality.

Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052) has the vast, deep hue of an evening sky. Blue is considered of benefit to mind and body as it produces a calming, tranquil effect.

Biscay Green (Pantone 15-5718) resembles the incredible aqua waters at the world’s best beach resorts. Used as an accent or trim paint color in your home interior, it would add cool and refreshing brightness.

Sunlight (Pantone 13-0822) is like a cheery invitation to be joyful. A subtle, sophisticated shade that suggests elegance would work beautifully as a paint color in the home.

Coral Pink (Pantone 14-1318) in fashion and as a paint color is like a warm hug. Match it with the aforementioned Sunlight for an irresistible pairing of interior paint shades.

Tips for Interior Accent Walls

Accent colors are popular in home decorating, and accent walls will likely never go out of style. Your home is truly and uniquely your own when you steer away from basic white walls or uniform colors throughout. When done tastefully, accent walls completely make a room over and add an entirely new level of visual interest. The following are a few tips for painting an accent wall:

  • Bold shades are great for accent walls. The secret is to coordinate the colors well with the surrounding walls.
  • If you have a room in neutral colors, a bright accent wall can work well. With the starkness of white walls, it’s not as easy to create a pleasing balance. Neutral-colored walls are a perfect contrast to bright Pantone colors, for instance.
  • Instead of an accent wall, you could opt for an accent ceiling, which is a chic trend in home decorating.

Tips for Painting Wall Trim

If you’ve checked out the great Pantone shades, you may decide one of the colors is ideal to use for trim in a bedroom or living area. Fashion colors for trim and accent walls requires a little bit of an adventurous spirit, but can lead to amazing results. Painting interior trim is another easy way to transform a room. Three trim ideas follow:

  • For an unforgettable yet crisp and modern look in any room of the home, paint the trim a darker color that beautifully contrasts the paint color on the walls.
  • Go with unexpected shades, such as Sunshine walls with Coral Pink trim.
  • If a bedroom is lacking woodwork, creatively trim out the room by painting an ornate design all around the doorframe. Use Biscay Green or any appealing paint color of your choice. Combined with artistic flair, the room could become your new favorite.

Call SNL Painting for Fashion Colors for Trim and Accent Walls

At SNL Painting Inc., we love giving homes and businesses a fresh new look with interior and exterior painting. We would appreciate the opportunity to give your rooms newly painted accent walls and/or trim with that professional touch of perfection. Our high-quality, unparalleled services include faux finishes, drywall work, carpentry, wallpapering, and wood finishing. Give us a call today at (636) 724-6829 and we can start matching paint shades to Pantone colors.

Interior Painting Projects to Tackle In The Fall

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. But just the thought of our families reuniting over festivities and holiday meals may be enough to make you look around in a bit of a panic.  Maybe it’s time to freshen up your home and tackle a few interior painting projects for the fall season.  Say hello to the crisp autumn weather and add some new colors to liven up our living space. Here are some interesting interior painting projects to tackle in the fall for your home.


Give a New Look to Your Basement

Holiday get togethers usually mean inviting a larger group of people into your home. It also means people overflowing into somewhat unused sections of the house. Do you have spaces that are underutilized? Now is the time to make them work for you. Transform your old and boring basement into a gaming arena for your kids and grandkids. You can paint your basement walls with greens, blues, and reds, to set up the mood. To counter a windowless basement, bright neutrals can help lighten up the space. If you are trying to set up a gaming arena in your basement, you can also paint a few interesting game characters on the walls. A fresh coat of paint may be enough to transform a boring basement into a fun spot for the whole family. 


A New Study Place for Your Kids

If your kids are young and they are back in school, there is going to be plenty of reading and homework to do. Why not give a quiet place in your home to ease your kids’ study routine?

If you have a spare room or even an unused nook, you can convert it into your kid’s study area. Calm, soothing colors are always a smart choice for these spaces. Blues and greens can add a tranquil feel to make homework time less hectic. Of course neutral greys are also popular.  Choosing the right color can make your room look brighter and bigger.


Enjoy Holiday Cooking in Your Revamped kitchen

As the busiest room in the house, how do you feel about your kitchen? Despite all of the time spent in this room, cooking, cleaning, and hanging out; the kitchen is often overlooked in terms of design. Why not re-invent your kitchen this fall to give a new life to your home? A new look to the space will make preparing holiday feasts for your family a little less of a chore. Using orange, red, and vibrant shades  as accents in the room can give your kitchen a new look. Working with the right painting partner can make sure that a kitchen project is done quickly and neatly, getting you back in the kitchen as quickly as possible. 


Add Unique Patterns or Colors to Your Kids’ Rooms

Change your kids’ existing room by adding a new coat of paint to the walls. As your child grows, what they loved as a child may evolve into something completely different. You can sit with your child to brainstorm different ideas for painting his/her room. They might want to paint an entire wall or introduce a new design or texture to the bedroom walls. You can ditch traditional paints and experiment with different colors and designs to make your child’s room more interesting.


Prepare the Dining Room for Guests

If you are expecting a lot of guests this holiday season, make sure you prepare your dining room to enjoy memorable holiday dinners. If your dining room is small, you can choose bright shades to make it look bigger. Use inviting warm colors such as oranges, yellows, and reds to set the perfect ambiance for a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. The dining room is another place where neutral colors, contrasted with pops of color, can offer a beautiful result. 


Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than a coat of paint to help make your home feel bright and refreshed in time for the holiday season. There are a rainbow of  fantastic colors on the market to help make your home look more appealing and inviting. Beyond choosing the right colors, make sure that you are choosing the right painting contractor to make sure your project is expertly applied, on time and on budget. SNL Painting is here to help. Check out a gallery of our work to see how SNL painting can beautify your home. 

Give Your Front Door a New Look with these Tips

With a touch of color, you can make your front door pop and change the look of your entire house!

Keep reading for our tips and a little color inspiration … 

When is the Best Time to Paint Your Front Door?

The exterior of your home needs regular maintenance. If you’re noticing chipped or faded paint, it may be the perfect time to refresh both your trim and your front door.

The sun is your enemy when doing your front door.  The sun will heat the door and cause the paint to dry too fast, causing streaks and drags in the paint. You’ll want to do it on an overcast day or when the sun is on the other side of the house. If it’s rainy or excessively humid in your area, it will take longer for the paint to dry. Early fall is the perfect time of year to get this done because of lower temperatures and lower humidity! 

Be sure you have at least 4 hours set aside for this project, preferably all day for proper dry time.

Should You Paint Your Front Door Yourself, or Hire the Job Out? 

This depends largely on how much effort you want to put into this project. Be aware, however, that getting a good-looking paint job requires a lot more than just a brush and a gallon of your favorite color.

The prep work is essential: 

  • Remove the lockset from the door or carefully cover it with painter’s tape.
  • If you only can do the door when it’s sunny or you’re more comfortable doing the door horizontally, remove the door from its hinges and lay it out on sawhorses in your garage or other shady area.
  • Clean the door with a wet rag and lightly scuff-sand the door to dull the finish with 120 or 150 grit sandpaper to aid in adhesion of the new paint.  Wipe the door after sanding to remove any dust.
  • Finally, you’ll be ready to paint! 

If these steps – plus painting, waiting, reattaching hardware, rehanging the door, and tidying up – are too labor-intensive for you, it may be best to hire a professional. 

Tips for Painting Your Front Door

(1) Purchase a quart of high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint.  Satin, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss sheen is best for front doors.  The shinier the paint, the more challenging it is to make it look nice, so choose wisely based on your painting experience.

(2) Next, purchase a high-quality 2-1/2” or 3” nylon bristle brush.  Nylon-Polyester blends or brushes labeled “stiff” make it harder to achieve smooth brush strokes. 

(3) Finally, purchase an “extender” such as XIM Extender, M-1 Conditioner, or Flood Floetrol.  These will help keep your paint wet for a longer period of time and level out brush strokes.

(4) If the door has been previously painted by a professional, pay attention to the way the brush strokes are laid out. Most doors installed in the last 30 or so years are made of smooth insulated steel or fiberglass. More than likely, they were intended to mimic the direction of wood grain on a traditional wood door, so you’ll want to keep brush strokes in the same direction. 

(5) If you’re changing the door color, 99.9% of the time you’ll need to apply two coats, and maybe three or more if you choose bright red or yellow. Be sure your paint is fully dry before painting subsequent coats for better coverage; you don’t want to disturb previous coats by starting your next coat too soon.

(6) If you plan to use a roller on your front door, proceed with caution, as it will leave a roller texture or “stipple” on the surface.  Be sure this is the look you desire before you start. If you do choose to roll the door, a velour or mohair roller is your best choice. Be sure to apply enough paint to get a smooth coat without having to work the roller too vigorously. Your final pass should be very light to produce an even coat and a texture free of roller lines or “ropes.” 

(7) Move quickly! Paint dries quickly these days and can be frustrating to deal with on a smooth surface such as your front door. If you move too slowly or overwork the paint, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

(8) Give the door a few hours to dry before re-hanging or closing it, especially if you painted it in place, so it doesn’t stick to the door seals.

If these steps – prep, painting, waiting, reattaching hardware, rehanging the door, and tidying up – are too labor-intensive for you, it may be best to hire a professional. 

How Should You Choose a Color? 

While a just-right paint color can add luxury and style to your exterior, a not-quite-right color can make your house look … off. No one wants their house to be the neighborhood eyesore. That’s why it’s important to take your time, consider the look you want, and choose a color that will go best with your existing exterior. 

We recommend picking up a variety of paint chips or swatches and taping them to your door. You can also pick up samples of your favorite paint and try them out. Make sure you’re considering how the color will look in morning, afternoon, and evening light. 

Is your house white? Consider a classic red door. Does your house already boast a lot of color? Choose a glossy black for the front door. Do you have a brick or stone home? The options are endless, but we love a surprising color – like deep green, sunny yellow, or even breezy turquoise – to bring a bit of style. There are plenty of combinations to try! 


Contact One of Our Experts for a Beautiful, Professional Job – Every Time 

Remember that our painters are experienced, knowledgeable, and thorough. If you’d like a professional paint job that will make your home the best-looking on the block, give us a call. Now is the perfect time! 





2019 Paint Color Trends to Try in Your Home

If your plans for this year include redecorating, then you’re probably spending some time choosing paint colors and envisioning layouts. While we spend most of our time in coveralls applying the paint, we like to keep up with color trends, too! Here’s what our research has uncovered about the current trendiest shades.

If You’re Looking for a New Type of Neutral, Try These Options

Shades of gray are still in style, but warmer neutrals are coming in. If you’re looking for an updated alternative to neutral beige, dove gray is a classic choice. Ready to make it more interesting with just a hint of color? There’s something moody about some of 2019’s grays; they have a lilac undertone that can look gorgeous in a master bedroom. Darker grays like pewter are becoming more popular as well.

Another inviting, more interesting shade of neutral that still provides a warm backdrop for your decor is hazelnut. This shade has a remarkable ability to brighten a space.

While we’re talking brown shades, mushroom is a color that’s on trend again. In fact any warm, earthy color — like hazelnut, mushroom, or clay — are becoming more popular. Think: a sun-washed desert drive.

Get a Little Moody with These Darker Colors

There’s something about darker, moody shades that can feel so mysterious — and so luxurious. If you’ve never tried it in your own home, consider shaking things up a bit.

One of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colors is a richer, darker green they call “night watch.”

This color goes with with the botanical trend we’re seeing everywhere, and the deeper jewel tones that are becoming more popular. Designers recommend using colors like these for large, well-lit rooms. We like them for studies or offices, too.

Blues haven’t gone out of style, and there seem to be more shades than ever. Today, they’re often mixed with gray tones to create charcoal blue, ice blue, or a pale powder blue. These shades are a little more subtle, so they won’t overpower your room.

Other richer colors are coming into style as well, like merlot or dusky gold. Think about curling up in an armchair with a ponderous tome. Add a glass of barrel-aged whiskey and you’ve got the look.

Pastels are Back!

If you prefer pastels over the bold colors described above, than this is for you: Pastels are back in all their soothing, muted glory. While Millennial pink may be on its way out, shades of blue, green, and lavender are all coming to the forefront.

One shade we like is called “mist.” This hard-to-pinpoint color nevertheless brings a bright airiness to any room in the house.

For an earthier look, think about terra cotta, caramel, or burnt orange. These colors are gaining popularity, and they can bring a lot of personality to your home.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Home? SNL Painting Inc. can Help!

Wall colors can act as a blank canvas for decor of any style. They can also bring new life into a room that’s become dull or stale. If you’re ready to change things up in your home, give our painters a call. Now is the perfect time to refresh your home for spring.



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