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SNL Painting - Company History

SNL Painting, Inc. was formed in 2003 by Nick LoGrasso and Art Snarzyk. Their goal was to bring an elevated level of professionalism, the highest quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service, and a touch of class to the paint contracting business. In 2012, Nick purchased the St. Louis painting company business from Art, and continues to strive for excellence in the industry by hiring meticulous St. Louis painters.

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Nick has established and continues to improve on SNL’s crucial business systems. One of his greatest accomplishments has been the growth and development of the employees. Going from a two-man operation to a staff of several St. Louis painters, an office administrator, and a production manager is one of SNL’s biggest accomplishments, and that number continues to grow. Each new staff member is trained to the elite standards our customers have come to expect. The client base has increased almost non-stop from the inception of SNL Painting, Inc. Adding St. Louis painters to meet the rising workload has been (and still is) Nick’s number one challenge, but watching people’s personal development and seeing them mature as craftsmen is incredibly rewarding. As with any business, his efforts are ongoing, and Nick continues to learn and implement better strategies and systems each year.

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Our St. Louis painters are the lifeblood of our company, so it is important that the people we choose will be a “fit” with our commitments and shared values. If you or someone you know likes taking pride in your work and wants to be part of an established company with integrity and strong values, click below to learn more.