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What is a faux finish, and how can it add character to your home?

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint. With the right color tones and combinations, you can change the entire aesthetic of your space instantly.

But color isn’t the only way to add style to painted surfaces. In fact, you can give your wall some extra visual appeal with the right painting savvy.

Today we answer the question: what is a faux finish (and how can it add character to your home)?


What is a faux finish?

A faux finish is a painting technique that adds visual texture and depth to your static surface. Most faux finishes designed by SNL Painting Inc. are applied by hand, making your wall a one-of-a-kind custom canvas of beauty.


How is a faux finish created?

There are many different types of faux finishes that can be executed on a painted surface. As a result, the techniques to create one pattern may largely differ from another. For instance, some visual effects can be formed by employing special tools to apply the paint. Other techniques require special breeds of paint or even various shades of a color. The technique utilized is highly dependent upon the results you wish to achieve.


What makes a faux finish so special?

Unlike their distant wallpaper cousins, faux finishes are created by using real paint. That means these finishes are just as durable as any other painted wall in your home. This also means that if one day you fall out of love with your faux finish, you can simply paint over it, a feat that isn’t so easily accomplished with a wallpaper surface.


How can I get a faux finish for my wall?

In order to have one or more of your spaces painted with a unique faux finish, please contact SNL Painting Inc. by clicking here. Upon request, one of our courteous painting specialists will come out to your space to conduct a free faux painting estimate. Once you and your painter have agreed on the colors and design for your space, we will provide a sample of the faux finish on a piece of drywall to ensure your optimal satisfaction before we paint your space.

Utilizing Accent Colors In Your Home

Finding the best blend of color within any given room is like picking out the right outfit: you wouldn’t wear denim jeans with a denim shirt and a denim jacket — you just wouldn’t! Same goes for your home.

You can’t paint your living room walls beige, throw in some creme-colored furniture and expect to feel invigorated by the decor. You need to add some spice! Today, we’re talking about the power of accent colors in your home.


Establishing and Designing With Your Accent Color

Every nicely themed room requires a strong accent color that ties all of the design elements together. This color will also govern the other shades of your home decor color schemes, so make sure it’s a color you enjoy.

Choosing Your Accent Color

If you’re not sure which color is worthy enough to accent your room, ask yourself these questions: Which colors do I like the most? What mood would I like my room to give off? Am I designing this room for myself or to entertain guests; if the latter, make sure your accent color is unobtrusive?

For further guidance, note that some of the most common accent colors used in interior design are those found on the standard color wheel: red, yellow, green, blue, etc.

Itemizing Your Accent Color

The objects your accent color adorns is equally as important as the color you choose. Once you have decided on the perfect shade, select several of your favorite decor items; items such as decorative pillows, rugs, side table lamps or even a piece of art.

The key of utilizing accent colors is to not overdo it; you want these items to be sprinkled throughout your home.

If you’re uncertain which items look best in your accent color, take a trip to your favorite home decor store! Find anything and everything that contains your chosen shade and narrow down which items are your favorite.


Going Big With Accent Colors

If you want the presence of your accent color to emanate a little bit stronger throughout your room, bathing one entire wall of your space in your accent color has become a popular technique utilized by modern interior design enthusiasts. When employing an accent wall, however, it is important to keep your other accent-colored items on the three remaining neutral-painted walls, thus creating the best complimentary effect.


Share Your Accent Colors With Us!

Have you already incorporated accent colors into your home? Take a picture of your design and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We’re excited to see what you’ve come up with!



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